Frugal Friday – Show Off Your Shops!

I'm really in the mood for Logan's Roadhouse this evening and you don't need even a coupon to get their “two full meals for $14.99” deal, but if you're wanting something else be sure to check out the coupon database before you head to the restaurant. My fax machine recently died and I'm actually rather excited about shopping for a new one while we're out!  How's that for a romantic date night?  I just started pricing them earlier this week and I'm thrilled to find out that the new models are probably less than half the size of my old one – yay, I'll get a little bit of desk space back!  Please let me know how your shops went this week.  I love to see the deals that other frugal shoppers come up with and I really dig having a visual way that we can all share our deals and Show Off Our Shops! Post a link below to any or all of the deals that you’d like to show off this week. If you don’t have a blog to link up, just leave a comment and tell us all about your deals or upload a picture to Flickr or PhotoBucket and link to that 😉




  1. I had a great two days of shopping this week!! I wish I had taken the time to take pics, but my 3 year old just stays too busy and he’s in helper mode and wants to put away the groceries as soon as we get home!!

    Just a few highlights: Kroger has Goldfish crackers on sale for $1 and I had three $0.35/1 graham Goldfish crackers and two $0.55/1 regular Goldfish crackers. We got FIVE bags of Goldfish for $0.90!!!! (That’s my favorite shop…and the boy loves his Goldfish!!)

    I finally got to do a BIG trip at CVS without distractions. I was out of town on work near Beaumont and there was a store that loved couponers and had excellent stock!! I did 5 transactions there, but I won’t list all the details. 🙂 My fave there was that I got to bring a bag of chocolate to my stepmom and dad and tell them, “CVS paid me $1 to bring these over to you!!”. They were amazed…and my dad gave me a funny look like I had done something wrong!! I used that $5.99 ECB to help with my diapers ($8.99 – $3/1, got $1 ECB…did that twice!!).

    I could go on and on…we shopped CVS, HEB, Brookshires, Kroger, and WalMart!!!! I am exhausted!!!!