Free Health Screenings from Sam’s Club

One of the benefits of being a Sam's Club member is that members get access to periodic free health screenings administered by a professional staff throughout the year.  June is Men's Health month and the free screenings will include PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) which detects the early signs of prostate cancer, and TSH (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone).  Those two tests combined are worth over $200!  Click here to find out the schedule for a Sam's Club near you, and be sure to check out the future events listed below:

June – Men's Health (PSA, TSH, BP, BMI)

July – Kid's Health (Vision, BP, BMI)

August – Vision Health (Vision, Glucose, BP, BMI)

September – Diabetes (A1C testing, TTL Chol., Glucose)

October – Women's Health (TSH, Thyroid, BP, BMI)

November – Digestive Health (Colon, BP, BMI)

January – New Years Resolutions (Chol, Glucose, BP, BMI)