Final Numbers for June – Saved $902.12

We were coming in so far below budget this month that we decided to do a quick freezer cooking day last weekend so we ran to Sam’s Club and spent $56 on meat and STILL came in way below our monthly budget of $375!  For the month of June we spent $261.28 to buy $1,163.40 worth of groceries, or a savings of 78%!  According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $1,375.90 so far this year for $7,057.96 worth of stuff, or 81% off.  That equates to $229 per month for the first half of the year, hopefully we’ll be able to continue staying well below budget, but I am planning to invest some of that savings in new dishes, cookware and towels for the kitchen as a reward!



  1. Very impressive savings!

  2. Thank you Kelly! We started out the year with an “eat from the pantry challenge” and it’s just been super easy to stay below budget ever since, can’t wait to readjust the figures for next year 🙂

  3. Well I just wanted to ask how you keep your totals low. I have a savings this month over $800, but my oop is still over $1000. It is the veggies and meat that are getting me. Do you buy your meat at a special meat store? (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  4. Great JOB Saving! Stop by on Fridays to LINK UP your shopping results.

  5. Hey Chris! In addition to couponing we use meal planning and freezer cooking to keep the totals so low (I’m still amazed at the difference that those 2 things make). So we buy A LOT OF meat just once or twice a month (either BOGO meat sales at Winn Dixie or one big trip to Sam’s Club) and divide it up into meal size portions for the freezer. We also buy whatever veggies are on sale, grow a few things ourselves (tomatoes & green beans) and get the rest from a local farmer’s market to keep those costs down. Sounds like you’re already doing pretty great Chris! Hope this helps 🙂

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