DIY Vanilla Mint Lip Balm
Serves: 12
  1. To start, fill your double boiler’s bottom pot to around one-third to half full, and place over medium heat. Then, add your beeswax to the top half. While it is heating up, go ahead and measure out the coconut oil and the sweet almond oil so they are ready. Don’t risk overheating the beeswax if possible, as you can lose the great properties that is has for your body, and ruin the consistency.
  2. I like to line up the containers also and have them set to go to help with that as well.
  3. Melt your beeswax until it is a clear consistency, with no lumps in it, and then you can add in the coconut oil, too, blending until no lumps, and then add in the almond oil.
  4. Once they are all blended and melted to smooth, and there are no lumps or chunks left, you can add in the essential oils and the vanilla extract.
  5. Mix well and then you may begin pouring into the containers.
  6. One thing to note: The vanilla tends to want to rise to the top of the mixture, so as you are pouring it, you may need to place the balm back over heat and stir once or twice to get it well mixed.
  7. Also, the balm may start to set up a bit as you get to the last few, and if they do, just put it back over the hot water and let it melt again.
  8. Once they are all filled, you will just need to let them cool down thoroughly, which takes about 45 minutes to an hour at the most.
  9. Now all you need is to make yourself some cute labels and you are done! They make great gifts and favors for others, too.
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