My 8/12 Publix Trip – $75.03 for $40.40 or 46% Off

My 8/12 Publix Trip – $75.03 for $40.40 or 46% Off

Well I didn’t quite hit half off this week but I’m pretty happy with the trip anyway because I stocked up on some staples, got stuff for a few meals, and I picked up the biggest Boston Butt they had in the store for a great deal. We’ll have lots of planned leftovers with that one and I can’t wait to make it! Today at Publix I bought $75.03 worth of groceries for $40.40, or 46% off after coupons. Here are the deals:

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BOGO Swim Wear at Target

BOGO Swim Wear at Target

Honestly, I don’t really need another swimsuit but I still like to get a new one each year. Since I haven’t been anywhere except the grocery store in a couple months I haven’t purchased one yet but I did put this stars and stripes bikini in my cart at Target last week.

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My 2/5 Publix Trip – $93.14 for $33.65 or 64% Off

My 2/5 Publix Trip – $93.14 for $33.65 or 64% Off

Two of my boys have been sick this week and we’re running out of cold meds so I was very happy to see the Tylenol Cold on sale. The cheesecakes are for my dad but the brownies and cheese will all be fought over by the rest of us. This week at Publix I bought $93.14 worth of groceries for $33.65, or 64% off after coupons. Here are the deals:

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My 8/7 Publix Trip – $86.27 for $29.50 or 66% Off

I always love when Publix has the gas card deal going on since it’s like taking ten bucks off the top of the grocery bill cuz I’ve got to buy gas anyway. The kids absolutely love Luigi’s Italian Ices so they were thrilled to see those and the cookies. The English muffins are mostly for me for quick breakfasts at the office but I may share a few. Today at Publix I bought $86.27 worth of groceries for $29.50, or 66% off. Here are the deals:

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Help Your Furniture Last Longer With Proper Care

Check out the great tips in this furniture care guide infographic to help make your furniture last longer. These simple tips can save you money in the long run as well as help you to protect your favorite pieces of furniture.

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My 4/3 Publix Trip – $83.35 for $46.42 or 44% Off

While I didn’t quite hit my goal of at least half off my Publix bill this week I did grab some great deals on snacks for the kids and staples like toilet paper so I’m pretty happy with the trip. Since spring break a couple weeks ago we’ve been pretty slim on snacks in the pantry and fridge so I was very glad to see Babybel cheese on sale and I expect the kids to devour them as soon as they see them. This week I bought $83.35 worth of groceries for $46.42, or 44% off after coupons. Here are the deals:

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Stocking Up On Summer Clearance Sales For Huge Savings!

Stocking Up On Summer Clearance Sales For Huge Savings!

Now that I’m all done with back to school shopping I’ve been hitting the summer clearance sales to stock up goodies for the kids that they can either use all year round or a few things that are great enough deals to save until next summer. For example, I had a $10/$25 Kohl’s coupon plus about $15 in Kohl’s cash so I decided to make best use of it by hitting the clearance racks and I scored six pair of swim trunks for my boys (two pair each) for just $25, nearly $230 off!!!

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How to Choose the Best Commercial Freezer


There are many commercial freezer options available that offer businesses, hospitals and schools economical ways to freeze items efficiently. Here are six tips that can help you choose commercial freezers efficiently.

Compare Your Volume Options

Most commercial-grade freezers have volumes that vary from 5 to 22 cubic feet. Comparing these volumes is worthwhile because it can help you choose a commercial-type freezer that offers enough storage capacity to suit your needs.

Compare Design Options

Most designs for commercial freezers feature many options that are easy to customize. Some of these design options include countertop designs, walk-in designs and reach-in designs. Other design options include cabinet-style designs and worktop designs. Comparing these designs is simple because most firms that sell commercial-type freezers offer photos and detailed product descriptions that can help you quickly compare the most popular freezer design elements.

Compare Exterior Options

Most commercial freezers have exteriors that feature varying colors, paneling options and exterior trim options. Be sure to compare these exterior designs to ensure you are purchasing a commercial-style freezer that is aesthetically pleasing.

Compare Door Designs

Most commercial freezers feature door designs that offer many options. Some of the most popular door designs include glass door designs, multidoor designs, sliding door designs and swinging door designs. Comparing these door designs is worthwhile because it offers an easy way to customize your freezer to suit your needs.

Compare Energy Usage Requirements

Most commercial-grade freezers also have use energy usage requirements that can vary considerably. Comparing these energy requirements can help you save money on energy costs. As a result, be sure to compare these energy usage requirements before you choose a commercial-grade freezer.

Understand the Freezer’s Power Systems

Most commercial-grade freezers use 115-volt power systems to freeze items. Other commercial-grade freezers use power systems that use up to 230 volts of power to freeze items. Understanding how these power systems function is worthwhile because it can make choosing a commercial-grade freezer that suits your needs easier by focusing on freezers that offer enough power to freeze foods efficiently.

As you can see, choosing a commercial-grade freezer requires comparing many design elements that are designed to help you store and freeze foods efficiently. Be sure to use these tips to simplify the process of comparing a commercial-grade freezer’s design elements. 

Sneaker King – the King of Sneakers and More!


Sneaker King, located in eastern Pennsylvania, is one of the finest and largest independent shoe retailers online. They operate as a full-service footwear retailer, but they offer much more than just shoes. They offer style, signature looks, quality brand-name shoes and expert customer service professionals to answer any questions you many have about any of their products.

Sneaker King offers all of the latest footwear styles from all of the top manufacturers, including but not limited to UGG, Basics, Saucony, Sanuk, The North Face, Keen, Sketchers, Timberland, and many, many more. They offer all sizes, including specialty sizes offered in wide widths for the perfect fitting shoe. Kids and children’s shoes are also available in the latest styles and sizes. Sneaker King doesn’t just offer vanity shoes; they offer top of the line athletic wear as well, including cross trainers, running shoes, hiking boots and much more. is committed to being the top online retail outlet for shoes of all sizes, styles and brands. The goal is to make shopping online a simple process, allowing you to choose exactly what you want and never having to worry about not finding the right color or size. You can shop for shoes for any occasion for every member of your family from the convenience of your home and have them delivered straight to your door.

Sneaker King is no newcomer to the retail business. Sneaker King has been in business for more than 67 years, one of the original Athletic Footwear Shops established by Jay-Dee, Inc., the parent company, in 1946. They’ve come a long way from selling basic canvas sneakers to their local customers to becoming the leading online retailer of all shoes, for all customers, in all sizes and brands. Sneaker King is truly an example of American consumerism at its finest.

Visit the site at to find exactly what you are looking for. They run daily sales and specials and can answer any questions that you may have on the phone. If an item that you purchase has a defect, you can return it for a full refund within fourteen days, so you are guaranteed satisfaction.

What a world we live in. In one way, walking into the store and picking out what you wanted used to be exciting and fun. Now, in a global marketplace where there are so many choices to make that it is impossible to do in a crowded store where the selections are picked over and you end up settling for something that you didn’t want in the first place, why not make a cup of tea, settle on the couch and go to and shop in peace and style? 

4 Things to Consider When Buying Pizza Delivery Bags

Pizza Bags

If you’re running a pizzeria, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into pepperoni and crust types, but the actual pizza delivery bags may have slipped your mind. Here are just four things to consider when buying protection for your pies from one destination to the next.

1: Price

The very first thing you should do is work out a budget for your bags. How many can you afford? Will you save money if you buy in bulk? Can you purchase a manufacturer guarantee if their internal temperatures don’t live up to the hype?

2: Insulation

Hot delivery bags are absolutely critical for maintaining the quality of your product, but there are different insulation types depending on your needs and price range. For example, thermopac bags start with a single layer; vacpac bags contain four.

3: Performance

If you only plan on making short-range deliveries, an industry standard bag should be enough to keep your pizzas warm during their journey. If you deliver to the entire county, however, or if you want to make a name for yourself through your steaming toppings, you might need to look into premium performance bags.

4: Size

Pizza bags aren’t “one size fits all.” Some are made for single pies; others can comfortably carry two or more. Don’t forget to factor in dimensions when making your final purchase decision.

These are just a few useful considerations when buying pizza delivery hot bags. Remember, the quality of your product will mean nothing if it arrives at the destination ice cold!