15 Ways for Teens to Earn Extra Money

15 Ways for Teens to Earn Extra Money

Have your teens been looking for ways to earn extra money? Yes, older teens can go and find a job, but what about younger ones? Teens that are 13, 14 or even 15 can all find ways to earn money without having to worry about being too young for an actual job. These 15 ways for teens to earn extra money are easy to do and great for teens of all ages.

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Interested in Starting Your Own Restaurant Business?

Whether you’re starting your first restaurant or looking for a new place to relocate your existing business, you probably already realize that location will be a critical factor in your success. But how can you decide where the perfect spot really is? Here are five tips for choosing a restaurant venue.

1: Population

How many people live around your chosen location? Are you in a dense part of downtown or tucked into an out-of-the-way corner of the suburbs? You’ll want somewhere that enjoys plenty of foot traffic.

2: Parking

Where will your customers park? Scout the location and consider things like safety and shade. You should also do a count and make sure that you have enough parking spots to accommodate a full house if everything goes well and you wind up doing major business.

3: Deliveries

What local farmers or manufacturers will you be ordering from in the long term? Will they charge extra shipping or mileage costs if your venue is far away? Consider upfront costs as well, like refrigerator deliveries and the shipping of essential restaurant equipment parts.

4: Accessibility

Is it easy to reach your restaurant? Are you off the freeway or in the middle of a strip mall? The hungry hordes should be able to quickly descend on your kitchens, else they might take their empty stomachs elsewhere.

5: Visibility

Will your restaurant be noticeable in its surroundings? What else is competing for visual attention? Standing out is one of the most important parts of attracting business, so make sure your establishment doesn’t fade into the background.

Check Out the New ShopYourWay App and Save!

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Admit it, if your smart phone is glued to your body the majority of the time (like mine is), you likely have a favorite app. I’m not talking a boring necessity app like a map guide or weather forecast. I’m talking about apps that you can’t quit and thar perhaps may be slightly addictive. Prepare yourself, because there’s a new app in town that is destined to be your next obsession (and it does more than just crush candies).


The Shop Your Way mobile app is a member’s dream. The app stores up to 20% in coupons or points on a regular basis that you can redeem directly from your smart phone. Say goodbye to carrying around that coupon pouch! The fun doesn’t end at saving money. You can use the app to go behind the scenes of our celebrity brands like Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj and much more. Download the Shop Your Way app today!

Be a Personal Shopper and Earn Some Holiday Cash

Disclosure – This is a sponsored post. I am a Shop Your Way blogger, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Personal Shopper

‘Tis the season for wishing you had a bigger budget, right? Lucky for you, they’ve sweetened up the reasons to become a Personal Shopper at Sears and Kmart. In addition to earning commission to put towards your holiday budget on every qualifying purchase your family and friends make, you’ll get that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling after helping others with your shopping expertise.

Since the season for giving is now, Shop Your Way is awarding its Personal Shoppers with more chances for a bigger commission. You can earn up to 5% in commission just by gaining more clients, reaching sales numbers, following new brands on Shop Your Way, sending client invitees and more. If you think you don’t have what it takes to become a Personal Shopper, you’re probably wrong. If you find yourself giving advice often, enjoy making connections and have an entrepreneurial spirit, Personal Shopper would be a great fit for your lifestyle. Your success awaits!

Earn Extra Cash or Update Your Home and Closet with a Free #PersonalShopper

Disclosure – This is a sponsored post. I am a Shop Your Way blogger, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Personal Shopper

Is your wardrobe, home or technology device stuck in the ‘90s? If this sounds like you, you don’t need a time machine, you need a Personal Shopper. Shop Your Way Members at Sears and Kmart have access to personal shopping experts in the fields of technology, interior design, fashion and more. These shopping experts know Kmart and Sears brands and go above and beyond to please. I know what you’re thinking, “A time machine would probably be cheaper!” Stop right there. These Personal Shoppers are FREE! Sit back and let someone with the know-how do the research and comparing for you, and you’ll be up to date in no time.

If you’re already a savvy shopper, have you considered becoming a Personal Shopper to earn some extra cash? Shop Your Way is always looking for shopping specialists to help advise their customers on quality purchase decisions. The best part is you can put your hard earned skills to work and make some extra dough. You’ll earn commission on every qualifying purchase your friends and family make at Sears, Kmart or Lands’ End. That’s extra cash that you can use to upgrade your tech device or pay towards your Layaway. Sign up now and start earning.

Trade Ins at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores

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Best Buy Trade Ins

Do you have an old cell phone taking up space in a drawer? This is what I saw every time I opened my top desk drawer, what a mess right? Imagine my surprise when I found out that you can trade in your old phone at Best Buy Mobile specialty stores and get up to $200 back – they do this every day!

I was thrilled to take them up on their offer of $30 for this old Motorola Droid X2, they gave me a Best Buy gift card for that amount that I can use on anything else in the store. You can trade in video games, game systems, mobile phones, computers, tablets and e-readers. The amount they’ll offer you depends on the condition of the item and whether you have all the accessories, but it is SO easy to just walk into a Best Buy Mobile specialty store and find out in just a couple of minutes what you can get for your used stuff.

Best Buy Trade Ins

If you’re in the market for a new cell phone, this is the perfect way to pick up a new one while still getting something back out of your old one. You can shop for the latest smartphones and tablets from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, from all the top brands, along with stylish accessories to suit your lifestyle, and the Best Buy staff will help you to compare plans from all the different carriers. They’ll even help you set up and activate your new phone, transfer your contacts and data and set you up with the complimentary Walk Out Working™ program.

5 Hobbies That Can Help Pay The Bills

5 Hobbies That Can Help Pay The Bills

If you’re looking to earn a little money to help make ends meet, then why not put your passions, skills and abilities to good use?  Here are some hobbies that may be able to help you out financially:

1) Photography

Digital photography has opened a lot of new opportunities for individuals with a good eye. If you’re comfortable with handling a camera, you may want to consider a casual career in photography. You can take occasional jobs covering weddings or birthdays, or even shoot family portraits during the holidays.

2) Writing

There are a number of ways to make some dough if you have a way with words. Start putting together some writing samples and dive into the world of freelance writing. Try submitting articles for newspapers, magazines and even websites. You may even want to consider starting your own blog on a topic you are very familiar with, then later start selling ad space on your site.

3) Sewing

Crafters tend to do great on sites like Etsy, there are also other ways you can earn a little money on the side if you’re handy with a needle and some thread. Put out an ad on your local newsletter or bulletin board promoting your willingness to mend blouses, shorten pairs of pants, and sew curtains.

4) Shopping

So shopping may not seem like an obvious skill or talent to bring in money—but you may just be surprised! With a little research, you may be able to land the occasional mystery shopping gig to help pay for your next tank of gas or the occasional lunch out. Another option for shopaholics (with a good sense of style) is personal shopping. Try starting out by offering your services to senior citizens or busy mothers in your neighborhood. If someone compliments you on your outfit, be sure to hand them a business card!

5) Organizing

If you take pride in your overly organized ways, why not consider a freelance career as either a professional organizer or even a virtual assistant? People nowadays have too much clutter, as well as way too much information to deal with. Consider charging an hourly rate and you may have found a great profession to help you pay the bills.

As you can see, even the most seemingly insignificant hobbies or skills can result in a little extra cash when put to good use. List down your skills and passions and see how you can make the most of them!

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9 Secrets to Holding a Successful Yard Sale

Are you looking to declutter your home? Do you need to make some quick cash for your emergency fund or to help pay off your debts? Why not clean out your closets and hold a yard sale? Holding a yard sale isn’t all that complicated—but the task can seem a little daunting if you haven’t had one before. Here are some tips and secrets to ensuring that your yard sale is a huge success:

1) Choose the right date.

The best time to hold a yard sale is the weekend after payday. Schedule your yard sale around the first Saturday or Sunday of the month to ensure that your customers have money to spend!

2) Open early.

Most hard-core yard sale shoppers like to be there early in order to find the best deals. Be ready to open up by 6 or 7AM.

3) Hold a pre-sale for family and friends.

If you have your items priced and sorted ahead of time, then consider holding a pre-sale for your family and friends the night before your yard sale. The more you sell at your pre-sale, the less you’ll have to bring out the next day!

4) Advertise.

If you want people to visit your sale, you need to get the word out that you’re having a sale. Advertise your yard sale in community newsletters and bulletin boards, you can even list your sale for free at Craigslist. If you’re selling big-ticket items such as furniture, electronics or even your car, then you might also want to try advertising in your local paper.

5) Prepare the signage.

You’re trying to make some money and not spend it—so create simple signage for your sale with the help of old cardboard boxes and some markers. Hang them in your front yard and around busy intersections in your neighborhood. Include your address and the date of the sale.

6) Forget sentimental value.

When pricing your goods, remember that people aren’t going to pay more for something just because it has sentimental value to you. Price your things realistically according to what they’re actually worth.

7) Don’t forget the change.

One crucial thing to do on the day before the yard sale is to make a quick run to the bank (or grocery store) and get some change. Stock up on quarters, $1, $5 and $10 bills.

8 ) Get the family involved.

Holding a yard sale can be an almost impossible task if you’re doing it on your own. How are you going to manage handling the money, bagging the items, entertaining questions and keeping an eye on your things at the same time?  Ask your spouse or kids to help out.

9) Keep an eye on your cash.

As much as possible, keep your earnings in a container that allows you to keep the larger bills out of sight.  You may also want to take out the larger bills from your box and place them inside the house for safekeeping after the initial morning madness is over with just to be on the safe side.

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6 Great Ways to Make Extra Money

Are you a stay at home mom who wants to contribute to your family’s income? Maybe you are unemployed and currently trying to pay off your credit card debt? The great news is that you don’t need a nine-to-five job to make a bit of extra money.

1)  Sell items you don’t need.

Clean up your home and turn the items you no longer need into cash. Try selling items of value on sites like eBay. Afterward, hold a yard sale for the rest of your items. You’d be surprised at how much you could make from your junk old stuff!

2)  Tutor students.

Do you have a knack for grammar? Are you an expert at math? If you’re patient and are good at dealing with people, then turn your knowledge into a paycheck. Parents will pay big money to see their kids perform well at school. Advertise on school campuses and the local newspaper and start building up your clientele.

3)  Become a Mystery Shopper.

It sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it? Yes, you can get paid to shop! Research which companies are in need of mystery shoppers and start applying.

4)  Recycle.

If you’ve got steel, plastic, aluminum and other biodegradable materials lying around, then gather them for recycling. You’ll be helping out both the environment and your wallet at the same time!

5) Make money from your crafts.

Are you especially good with your hands? Sell your handcrafted jewelry and knitted sweaters on Etsy—a marketplace for anything handmade. Market your Etsy shop properly and watch the orders (and cash) fly in.

6)  Try freelancing.

If you’ve got a way with words, then try your hand at becoming a freelance writer. Send writing samples and article ideas to local magazines and newspapers. Search for websites in need of commentaries and reviews or check out freelance marketplaces like Elance and Odesk for writing jobs. Freelance projects are also available for program developers, graphic artists and virtual assistants.

These are just six additional sources of income you can consider. Remember, all you really need are commitment, imagination and good work ethic. If you’ve got these three, then the ways to make extra cash are endless!

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6 Great Tips for Selling Success on eBay

When it comes to ways of making a little money, selling items on eBay may not be an obvious option. However, you’d be surprised at the number of people who have raised thousands of dollars on this one website. You don’t necessarily need to sell extraordinary items—you just need to know how to make the most of the site.

Follow these steps and you too can start experiencing selling success on eBay:

1. Do a little research.

Before listing a particular item, do a little research on similar products selling on eBay. Take note of how much interest there is in the item, as well as how much it seems to be selling for.

2. Start your auctions at $0.01.

It may seem tempting to begin your auction at a price closer to what you’d like to actually get, but starting at $0.01 is a smarter choice for small items. You’ll capture more interest this way, and you’ll have more people following your auction until the very end. Of course, you may feel comfortable using a different pricing tactic if you’re selling a very expensive item.

3. Upload professional-looking photos.

People may be making an online purchase, but they still want to see what they are buying. Avoid using stock photographs. If you have a camera, then take nicely lit and arranged photographs of all the products you list on eBay in order to accurately show the item’s condition.

4. Make your message a good one.

The way you write your eBay listing can greatly affect the outcome of your sale. Write an enticing and detailed description of the item, and use any necessary keywords. Include sizes and dimensions when applicable. Be transparent. It helps to include a more personal message, such as your reason for selling the product.

5. Communicate.

Make it a point to check your messages regularly so you can quickly and respectfully respond to all queries. Timely communication with your potential customers can boost sales. Someone might just be waiting to hear back from you before making a bid on your item.

6. Study your shipping options.

You may be trying to make some cash, but don’t make money off of shipping charges. Spend some time searching for the best shipping method for your product in terms of both reliability and expense. Your customers will thank you for it.

These are just some of the many things you can do to achieve success when selling on eBay. Follow these tips and you’ll not only gain good feedback from your customers, but you’ll fatten up your wallet, too.

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