Kohl’s Sing Your “Frozen” Heart Out Contest & $100 Giveaway!

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A few weeks ago I told you guys about the Kohl’s Sing Your “Frozen” Heart Out contest where fans of the “Frozen” movie could submit videos of themselves, their kids or the entire family singing “Let It Go” for a chance to appear in a Kohl’s commercial that will air during the 2014 American Music Awards. Well lots of people have submitted thousands of video entries and I wanted to share my favorite with you!

This is Emily singing and playing “Let It Go” on the piano for her contest entry and I just think she’s absolutely adorable. Check out the video entries here and let me know which one is your favorite. Voting will start on the submissions on November 10th and the winning video will be revealed during a Kohl’s commercial during the American Music Awards on Sunday November 23rd at 8/7c. Be sure to head back over to pick your favorite once voting starts. I can’t wait to see the commercial in November!


In the meanwhile, head over to Kohl’s and check out all the great Frozen themed toys and clothing. I’m already starting my Christmas shopping so I don’t kill my budget all at once for my five kiddos and I know they’ll love receiving these Let It Go and Mr. Cool shirts or some of the fabulous toys like this stuffed Olaf and the Frozen Creativity Set. There are lots of great toys and outfits to choose from in addition to Frozen bedding, shoes, pillows, sleepwear and costumes.


I’m thrilled to be able to giveaway a $100 Kohl’s gift card so one lucky reader can pick out some adorable Disney Frozen apparel pieces or toys of their own. To enter to win just do any or all of the things listed in the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway will end at midnight on Friday, October 31st.

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Locutions of Leather: A Glossary of Terms for Leather Lovers

The Locutions of Leather GlossaryPresented by Ghurka

Back to School with Kohl’s and Disney Apparel

Disclosure – I participated in an Ambassador campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received promotional items and product samples as a thank you for participating.”

Kohl's Disney Collection Sofia the First

There are eighteen days until my five kids go back to school, not that I’m counting or anything (wink, wink). They’ve been in summer camp all summer and they’re really having a great time and go on lots of field trips every week, but I think they’re ready to go back to school too, and I’m positive that the budget is beyond ready.

I’ve been busy getting all the school supplies that they’ll need ready, but I think the most important thing is that they have something new and “cool” to wear the first day. I remember when I was a kid and how excited I was to put on a new outfit with new shoes and a new backpack and head to school to make some new friends and see all the old friends that I’d missed over the summer. That always got me excited to be back in school and I (sometimes) envy the kids when I see how excited they are to be doing all the back to school shopping.

My kids are all huge Disney fans and my girls absolutely love Sofia The First so they are really going to enjoy these new outfits for the first day of school. It always amazes me how different the quads are from one another, even though they were all born within two minutes. One of my girls is a “girly” girl and loves dresses and fingernail polish so she’s going to adore this Sofia the First tiered dress with a tulle skirt. My other girl is more of a tomboy and loves animals of any sort so she’s going to wear these bling leggings with the tiered skirt and Sofia the First “I love my animal friends” shirt.

There is a whole new line of Sofia the First character apparel now available at Kohl’s as well as a new line of Jake and the Never Land Pirates clothing that my boys are going to go crazy for. They are available in kids sizes 4 to 7 and toddler sizes. Check them out online or in store and let your kids experience the adventurous spirit of wearing Disney clothing by Jumping Beans.

Kohl’s Exclusive Planes: Fire and Rescue Disney Apparel & Savings!

Disclosure – I participated in an Ambassador campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received promotional items and product samples as a thank you for participating.”

Kohl's #MagicAtPlay Planes: Fire and Rescue Clothes

Even though my five kids are all pretty much the same age, the quadruplets are eight and my oldest is nine, they’re still not always easy to keep entertained because they’re all interested in completely different things. The only thing they can usually all agree on is when it comes to watching Disney movies and they are super excited to go see Planes: Fire and Rescue with me this weekend. The second Planes movie is going to be released in theaters on July 18th and since we saw the first Planes movie in the theater last summer the kids have really been anxious to get to see this one on the large screen too.

Kohl's #MagicAtPlay Planes: Fire and Rescue Clothes

The only thing that they like better than getting to see the movie on the huge screen in the theater is getting to wear Disney themed clothes with their favorite characters on them. My boys are going to be thrilled when they see these new exclusive Planes: Fire and Rescue designs that are available only at Kohl’s. The “Daddy’s Little Hero” shirt above is super cute and I’m in love with the smoke jumper tee shown up top. They’re going to be so excited to show off the shirts at summer camp!

You can get the shirts now just in time for the movie release in Toddlers sizes 2T, 3T and 4T, or Boys sizes S – XL, but the best part is that if you take your Planes: Fire and Rescue movie ticket stub into Kohl’s between 7/18/14 and 7/26/14 you’ll receive $10 off any Kids Apparel purchase of $25 or more. This offer is available in stores only and you can see more details here. One of the things I love best about Kohl’s is that they always have awesome offers like this available and I plan to take full advantage of this one after we go see the movie this weekend!

Purchase The Proper Hair Extension For Fashion’s Sake

Remy Hair Extensions

When people shop for women’s hair extensions, they must make sure they are looking for extensions that actually make them look better. Hair extensions must be purchased based on the length, color and style of the hair of the wearer. Some women want an extension that they can style their hair like, and other women would prefer to get an extension that looks just like their natural hair.


Some women want thicker looking hair, and they can use extensions to make their hair appear much more gorgeous than it already is. The hair extension can be tucked inside their natural hair to help give it some body.

Other hair extensions are designed to make the hair look as long as possible. There many extensions that will make the hair appear very long, and there are some extensions that will make the hair appear just slightly longer. There is nothing wrong with purchasing an extension as long as it the right length for the lady.


Every extension should be purchased in a color that makes the most sense for the lady. There are times when ladies have a difficult time finding the right color, but a little searching will help ladies to figure out which color is best going to match their natural hair. If the extension is purchased properly, the lady will always have options when they want to change their look.

Look Different

Many ladies wants to invest in a hair extension because it is going to change their appearance. They can look completely different, and they can wear these extensions when they want to look different in a costume. Some ladies prefer to wear these extensions when they are dressing up for a big event, and other ladies will wear the extensions all the time.

With each new extension, ladies can wear something that makes them feel beautiful and desirable. The best hair extension makes a lady’s hair longer, fuller and more beautiful. Choosing the right color and length is the only way to make a lovely change. A new head of hair is around the corner with a new extension.

5 Essentials For Your Jewelry Box

Precious International Anklet

When’s the last time you updated your jewelry collection? If you’re anything like most women, you probably haven’t added anything new in awhile, and every time you attend a semi-formal gathering you despair of your limited choices. The good news is that this state of inertia doesn’t have to last. If you’re ready to throw open your jewelry box and add something new, here are five pieces that will allow you to build great looks from the ground up.

1: Pearls

Nothing says sophistication like a classic string of pearls, but did you know these sparkling gems come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors? The traditional kind is the Akoya pearl, round and white, but South Sea pearls can be up to 22mm large, and Tahitian pearls can be everything from gold to green.

2: Diamonds

Diamonds are forever, but that doesn’t mean you should only buy one rock and call it a day. Diamond jewelry has grown throughout the years to include necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, so give yourself a diamond for every appendage if you’d like to be prepared for every occasion.

3: Gold

If you don’t already have gold jewelry, then why not? You’re missing out on the richest and most luxurious kind of shine. Drape gold chains around your neck to make a statement at the opera; use gold bangles or anklets to add a bit of elegance to your wrists and anklets; attach a gold brooch to your blouse to draw every eye in the room.

4: Silver

One of the oldest materials in the natural world, silver has been a part of folklore since the days of werewolf hunting. It can sometimes and erroneously be seen as the “cheaper” cousin to gold, but the real fashionista has both. You never know when gold will be too gauche for a dinner party or casual occasion!

5: Precious Gems

Rubies are the gems of love and passion. Sapphires invoke the feeling of wealth and royalty. Even emeralds have become a billion-dollar business in recent years. If you’re looking for something new to add to your jewelry box, precious stones will give color and flair to any ensemble.

Whether you’re looking to find a keepsake or just upgrading your existing collection, these are five essentials for the modern day, fashion-forward jewelry shopper. While there are endless varieties out there, these are the absolute must-haves! Shop jewelers like Precious International to learn more.

Check Out These Teenage Pageant Dresses!

Teenage Pageant Dess

A Gateway To Beauty

Teenage pageant dresses are a gateway to beauty that every girl should be able to enjoy. A dress can be used for the evening gown portion of a beauty contest, but it can also be something that makes the girl feel lovely when she is on the town. The best way to choose these dresses is by following a few simple steps to make the girl feel gorgeous.

The Cut

The cut of the dress is important because of how girls are shaped. Some girls can wear strapless dresses because their body is shaped in a way that they can support the dress. Other girls can wear dresses with halter straps to show off their shoulders, and still other girl can wear dresses that only slide on one shoulder to make themselves look modern and contemporary. The cut of the dress must fit the girl’s body, but the cut must also make sense with the girl’s body.

The Size

The size of the dress is just a number, and the dress needs to be tailored after it is purchased. Most girls are going to find that they do not fit into standard sizes because every girl is different. There is no shame in purchasing a size that the girl does not normally wear, and the girl should rest easy in the fact that she can purchase something that will actually fit her body regardless of the number on the tag.

The Tailoring

The tailoring of the dress can be done easily by a professional tailor who will pin the dress and help the girl fit just right into the dress. The dress can be fitted again after it has been tailored, and that will ensure that the dress is just right for the girl. Most of the time, tailoring is a necessity that girls do not take advantage of with their regular clothes.

When girls want to look good in their pageant dresses, they must take advantage of the many styles of dress that are available. Most girls can enjoy their dress in more places than the pageant after they have invested in the dress and their look.

Kohl’s #MagicAtPlay Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Clothes & $100 GC Giveaway!

Disclosure – I participated in an Ambassador campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received promotional items and product samples as a thank you for participating.”

Kohl's #MagicAtPlay

I took my five kids to see the Planes movie last summer and they’re really looking forward to seeing the new Planes: Fire and Rescue movie next month. Just wait until they see all the great new Planes: Fire and Rescue clothes from Jumping Beans that are available now at Kohl’s!

We are all huge Disney fans and the kids love getting clothes with their favorite characters on them. The kids are in summer camp on the Navy base this summer while I work and they’re going to have a ball showing off their new duds to their friends at camp. They go on field trips four days a week, to the bowling alley, beach, skating rink, zoo and all kinds of fun places and these cool, comfy clothes are perfect for all their exciting trips.

Kohl's #MagicAtPlay

I love all the colors and designs, the selection is outstanding and the quality of the items is terrific. This new line of Planes: Fire and Rescue clothes are only available at Kohl’s – just another reason it’s one of my favorite places to shop! There are a bunch of choices of tops, bottoms and jackets in the line, but I’ve picked my favorites in the picture up top.  I think it’s wonderful how the pieces all mix and match, it makes it much easier for the kids to put together a cool outfit on their own.

I’m thrilled to be able to giveaway a $100 Kohl’s gift card so one lucky reader can pick out some adorable Disney pieces of their own. To enter to win just do any or all of the things listed in the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway will end at midnight on Friday, June 27th.

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Kohl’s New #MagicAtPlay Disney Clothes & $100 GC Giveaway!

Disclosure – I participated in an Ambassador campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received promotional items and product samples as a thank you for participating.”

Kohls #MagicAtPlay

I am super excited to announce that I’ve been chosen to be a Kohl’s Disney Ambassador because I’m a huge Kohl’s fan and my five kids all love anything and everything Disney! Kohl’s is one of my absolute favorite places to shop because they have a huge selection for the whole family and for the house, they always have great sales, and they often have coupons for even better deals. In fact, I did the good majority of my Christmas shopping there and at Kohls.com, and it’s usually my first stop for birthday and other holiday gifts as well. I went shopping there today to check out Kohl’s new line of Disney character clothing by Jumping Beans.

Kohl's Disney Clothing

My boys adore their new Mickey shirts and shorts and I fell in love with all the fabulous Minnie skirt outfits and dresses. I wish they were available in my size! There are so many terrific choices for both girls and boys, and the new patriotic collection is perfect for upcoming summer holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

Kohl's Disney Clothing

The new Disney line inspires both fun and imagination and is available exclusively at Kohl’s for both boys and girls in sizes 4 to 7 in a full range of active wear, play clothes and dresses. The selection is outstanding and the quality of the items is terrific. I’m thrilled to be able to giveaway a $100 Kohl’s gift card so one lucky reader can pick out some adorable Disney pieces of their own.

To enter to win just do any or all of the things listed in the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway will end at midnight on Friday, May 2nd.

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Get Free 2-Day Shipping With Shop Your Way Max

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Shop Your Way

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