6 Tips for Looking Good When You’re on a Budget

6 Tips for Looking Good When You’re on a Budget

Who says that just because you’re on a budget you can’t look good? I know plenty of people who are on a budget, but they still look their best. You don’t need a designer purse to look your best. Check out some of these tips for looking good when you’re on a budget.

1) Use Less

When on a budget, feel free to use less. For example, you don’t have to use a ton of makeup or face cream, use it sparingly. When you use less, you have more to use over a span of time. You don’t have to wear pounds of makeup to look or feel beautiful. Heck, even if you do want to wear pounds of makeup, you don’t have to do it every day.

2) Set a Budget for Yourself

Some people say that they are on a budget, but that doesn’t mean they stick to it. If you are really on a budget, then set it and follow it. For example, you may give yourself $100 a month for your beauty budget, then you won’t feel funny about spending that money on your beauty needs.

3) Swap With Your Girlfriends

Women go through different styles and sizes, so it only makes perfect since to swap with your girlfriends. Set a time every couple of months and everyone can bring their best stuff and swap it out. You can swap things like purses, makeup, scarves, or whatever floats your fashion boat!

4) Wear What Makes You Feel Comfortable

When it comes to fashion, you’ll never be rich enough to stay up to date on all of it. Some of my best advice is to where what you feel comfortable in. You can still remain semi fashionable while not “staying” with the very modern trends. You can always go buy off brand too! People are crazy about LulaRoe leggings, but you don’t have to buy “that brand.” There are other options.

5) Look For the Best Deals

When we are out of something, it’s always easiest to just go to the store and buy what you need. You can look good and stay on budget by thinking ahead. If you know about how long your makeup will last, you can start looking for deals a few weeks before you run out. For example, I always buy a few bottles of my favorite hairspray when it goes on sale so I never have to pay full price and I never run out. When you feel pressured to buy something, you are less likely to care about what you spend.

6) Go the Cheaper Route

Maybe you have bought an expensive brand of jeans for years. Guess what? There are cheaper versions of those jeans out there, you just need to find them! Try jeans on from different places before you buy. Remember that women’s clothing is all made differently, you really have to try on different things in order to find something you’ll love. Or if you get your nails done at the salon regularly you can save a ton of money doing your own salon gel nails at home!

I’d love to hear of some tips you have for looking good while on a budget. Share your favorite tips in the comments below!


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