Winning Wednesday ~ Low Entry Giveaways!

 Winning Wednesday ~ Low Entry Giveaways

Enter these low entry giveaways and your odds of winning are much better since there aren’t a lot of other entries.  So check out the list below and enter any that catch your eye, or add your low entry giveaway below for some extra traffic.  Good luck!

Low Entry Giveaway Linky (100 entries or less) Share your Giveaways and enter to win some great prizes!

Please Use Format:  Blog Name- Prize- end Date

Bloggers – drop me a line at denise @ if you’d like to post this fun linky on your blog and I’ll send you the code!

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  1. Jeanette Jackson says:

    I appreciate the giveaways but I would hardly call over 20 thousand entries a low entry giveaway ($125 paypal) or 248 entries (Kelly bag)

  2. Ouch – thanks so much for letting me know Jeanette! People are only supposed to post when they have less than 100 entries. I’ll be taking care of that 😉

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