Thanksgiving and Black Friday Store Hours

Here’s a list of the publicized store hours for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales to help you plan your Black Friday shopping strategy.¬† Keep in mind that some local store hours may vary from those listed (so call ahead and check if unsure) AND many 24 hour stores will have the ad go into effect at midnight so expect inventories to be depleted at those stores very quickly.

Best Buy
Friday – 5 am

Friday – 9 am

Thursday – normal store hours, Friday – 6 am

J.C. Penney
Friday – 4 am

Thursday  6 am to 9 pm, Friday Рmidnight

Friday – 3 am

Friday – 5 am

Friday – 5 am

Office Depot
Friday – 6 am

Old Navy
Friday – midnight

Sam’s Club
Friday – 5 am

Thursday – 7 am to noon, Friday – 4 am

Friday – 6 am

Friday – 4 am

Thursday – 9 am to 6 pm, Friday – 4 am

Friday – midnight


If you’d rather shop online or need a little inspiration in the gift department, then check out the Shopper Strategy Holiday Wish List.

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  1. I was in JoAnn’s today and the clerk measuring my fabric said another customer had told her that several stores will also be open on CHRISTMAS day – and had said that one clothing store had told their employees if ANYBODY scheduled to work did not show up for work, regardless of “excuse” would be terminated immediately. Now I personally think trying to squeeze every dollar they can is just going a little bit too far! I can see a drug store or even grocery store being open part of Christmas day, but a clothing store????

  2. I agree – it’s getting kind of crazy with the sales starting earlier & earlier. I didn’t really want to shop tomorrow but since Rite Aid & Walgreens are going to be open, I feel like if I don’t go tomorrow – there will be nothing left on Friday.
    We’re doing the Disney Store at midnight tomorrow. That’s the main store I go to every black friday. Then we go home and sleep and wait for the crowds to die down and then maybe go to Target.

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