Whoohoo – I’m a Winner! $50 Godiva Gift Card


I’m super excited because I was just notified that I’m one of the winners of a $50 Godiva Gift Card from ShopAtHome!  Now I’m sure I’ll be getting something for Valentine’s Day 🙂  I never used to enter any giveaways, I think because I work mostly online and that felt kind of like “playing”, but this is the second time I’ve won lately so you can bet I’ll be entering more of them now.  Give it a try if you haven’t already – your odds are pretty good!  I’ve seen giveaways with as few as 13 entries and some with more than 3,000, but you never know how many entries there will be and either way you’ve got a good chance of winning – much better than any lottery or scratchoff and it’s free to enter.

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