10 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life

10 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or a lot of time in front of the mirror to look fabulous. Why spend hours getting ready for your day when a few simple tips and tricks can speed up the process. There are many makeup hacks that can help save you time and money and transform your morning routine and I’m excited to share a few with you today.

1) Use Outside Lighting

No matter what makeup hacks you’re going to use from my list today, be sure to use outside lighting to double check how that makeup looks. The natural light from outside gives you a much better idea of how your handiwork looks outside your bathroom.

2) Use Elmer’s Glue

Do you want to create a glitter nail look? Skip the base coat and use white glue instead {such as Elmer’s}. Apply the white glue to nail, sprinkle the glitter on and let dry.

3) Create Gel Liner

Take your pencil eyeliner and heat it up for about one second using a lighter. Let your eyeliner pencil tip cool down for 15 seconds, and apply for an easier application of eyeliner.

4) Make Eyes Look Wider

When applying mascara swipe the mascara towards your nose rather than upward. This will make your lashes look fuller and eyes look larger.

5) Cover Bags Under Eyes

Instead of applying concealer to those bags under your eyes by dotting, apply your concealer in a triangle shape underneath your eyes. This will hide those bags from lack of sleep.

6) Fuller Lips

You don’t need to have Botox to get fuller, lush looking lips. After applying your lipstick, dot your lips with some frosted eyeshadow. This should be dotted in the middle of your lower lip for the best pout.

7) Smell Lovely

Apply perfume to your pulse points, rather than spraying yourself all over while getting ready. Spraying the pulse points on your body (wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees) will make you smell lovely not like a perfume factory, plus you won’t stain your clothes or dry out your hair this way.

8) Get More Out of Mineral Makeup

Use a penny to take the filter out of your mineral makeup container. As you will see, there’s still much more makeup left in the bottom to be used.

9) Make Your Eyeshadow Stand Out

Use white eyeliner to line your upper eyelid before applying eyeshadow. This will make your eyeshadow stand out more and be bold in color.

10) Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Don’t throw away those leftover, teeny bits of eyeshadow. Mix the leftover bits of your favorite eyeshadow colors with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and use it as lip gloss.

There you have it – some makeup hacks that will change your life. From hacks to get the right pouty lip, beautiful, wide open eyes or just tricks to help your makeup last longer. You’ll surely be able to enjoy your makeup beauty routine more with these hacks.

What are your favorite makeup hacks? Tell us below!



  1. Erika Ann says

    I just recently bought a mirror with lights from an online store because I thought it would make it a lot easier to do my make up. I realized that my make up is a little bit over toned after using it. I do agree that natural lighting is still the best lighting. Love your tips!

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